Welcome to Dog Evolved

Love Dogs - Love Adventure - Love the Earth

Here at Dog Evolved, we have a three fold mission.   We love dogs!   100% of all net proceeds are donated to help dogs in need!   We take adventure seriously.   We also strive to do our part for the planet.   This is why we make quality dog leashes from 100% retired climbing rope.   Dogs are part of the family so we want to make it as easy as possible to include them in your adventures.   Dog Evolved leashes will help ensure safe and fun adventures for your entire pack!

Giving Back

Dog Evolved was created to be a way to provide financial assistance to pet families that cannot afford, possibly, life saving veterinary care for their pets.   100% of all net proceeds of each sale of Dog Evolved product is donated to our nonprofit partner, Brown Dog Foundation, who tirelessly work to provide financial assistance to as many pet families in need as possible.