Welcome to Dog Evolved. Our mission is three fold. First, we love adventure. The best adventures are the ones that you share with your pack. Our pack includes, friends, family and of course our dogs. We provide high quality dog leashes so your dog can be safe during any adventure!

Second, we love the earth. We feel that it’s important to do our part in anyway we can to reuse and recycle. Our dog leashes are all made from 100% retired climbing rope. A climbing rope is only safe to climb with for so long before it needs to be retired. We have found that this rope is perfectly strong enough and safe to hold a dog of any size.

Lastly, and most importantly, we all love our dogs. All we want for them is to be happy and healthy members of our families. We know that sometimes our dogs need medical attention that can become quite costly. That is why we have created the Dog Evolved fund. 100% of all of the proceeds from any sale is donated to our nonprofit partner, Brown Dog Foundation, who help families that are having a hard time affording veterinary care for their dog.

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